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Swansea castle

And my ashes find a way beyond the fog
And return to save the child that I forgot

And my ashes fade among the things unseen
And a dream plays in reverse on piano keys

And my ashes drop upon a park in Wales
Never-ending clouds of rain, and distant sails... distant sails

Well, it looks like now i have 2 weddings to go to.  Vicky's sister. Philipa, is getting married in July in Swansea, Wales and she asked me to go with her. So i guess i am going to Wales. I think it's on a Wednesday, which is odd. Her sister and this guy have been together for 7 years, already live together, and suddenly are in a big rush to get hitched. "Is she preggers?" i asked. If she is, she hasn't told the Welsh Witch yet. Not that it would be a big scandal. I mean, they do live together. It'd be weird if they weren't having sex.

So anyway, i will go to Wales in July. One last country to check off my list since i got here. She always said i had to see Swansea. It doesn't sound dissimilar from Jersey. Lucky me! I was surprised she asked me to go. We're like a non-couple.

Czech Republic

Damn. I really get around. 


We all went over to Laura and Tim's to watch Real Madrid all bt clinch the League title by beating Barcelona 2 - 1. It was a fun night. They have a little dog, Starbuck (after Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace in Battlestar Galactica.) She looks like a little white ewok. Very cute. 

They live to the east by the river. It's beautiful down there. My last class on Friday ends at 19:00. So then i walk 20 minutes along the river to the Metro, and then i'm in Malasana in 3 stops. 

Time goes by. Plans are made. Things fall together.

Tears in Boston
I am watching the Flyers trying to eliminate the Pens. How i hope they do! Then it's an enormous Game 6 at 21:00 when the Caps attempt to finish off the Bruins. As a former Whaler fan, i loathe the Bruins, defending Stanley Cup Champs. I've listened to a few games but this will be the 1st one i get to watch. The Caps have been playing great defense and like a team which is something they often forget to do at playoff time. Vancouver #1, Boston #2, #4 Pittsburgh and Rangers #1 are high seeds that are all on the brink of elimination. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the best. 

Imagine the tears in bean town if The Bruins get eliminated and the Red Sox get swept by NY in the same day? I want to be there. Speaking of which - does anyone think Bobby V lasts til July 4th? Ha! The Red Sox are 4 - 10. The Mets are 8 - 6. I say again, HA!

Who should the Colts draft? I think they'd be better with RG III. I like him. I don't want him to play for the Redskins. I hate the Redskins. 

The Seahawks said they will draft draft QB Tannehill but don't expect him to still be on the board at #12. Most people have them picking up a DE. 


3 - 0 Philly. Bye bye Penguinos

20:17  4 -1 Philly.

I just got an email from Democrats Abroad asking me to vote in the Democratic Primary. What the hell is the point? We have the incumbent. Who i am i going to vote for?

But i will be home for the election. I will be home for the World Series. I will be home for Thanksgiving. And Christmas. Holy Crap! It's been 5 years since i've done all these things. 

The Washington Nationals are off to a hot start. Woo hoo! The Mets are playing well but they really don't have the talent to keep it up. 

Stick a fork in the Penguins. They're done.

Listening to:
Electric Dirt - Levon Helm
OK Computer, Kid A - Radiohead
Live in Nuremberg - Rainbow
Deadwing - Porcupine Tree

Nice! The Caps feed is from Hockey Night in Canada. I have a Hockey Night in Canada fleece. That thing is awesome.

BOS 2 WAS 1 - 2nd Period 7:09

The Caps were not finishing their checks in the 1st period. That's just lazy hockey. I always finish my checks. 

What's ominous is that every time Washington is up 3-2 and they lose game six, the are 0-4 in game seven. 

C'mon you wankers! Start hitting and scoring!

Chimera scores! 2 -2. 00.53 left in the 2nd. Verizon center is rocking! How many games have i seen there? Certainly over 100. But back in the day that i lived in the area, they still wore the blue uniforms. These red ones are closer to the original ones. 

3rd period. Do or die. I have suffered as a Caps fan for 15 years. I remember buying all those playoff packages and never seeing more than 3 games. Life's a bitch. 

Caps kill off a 4 on 3 power play. 

It will be nice to be back in the USA and watch the NHL again. When i saw the Vienna Capitals it was awesome. 

i wet myself when Boston went up up 3-2 and i dried myself when Ovechkin scored with under 5 minutes left! 3 - 3. 62 seconds. We could be going to OT.

NHL playoff overtime. The Bruins are battered and have the long change on the road. NHL playoff OT is the chariot race of sports overtime. 

Is this the longest blog entry ever? Who am i, Stephen King?

It's 00:02 in Madrid and we're heading to OT. It's funny how much i love hockey, considering i really haven't watched except a bit of playoffs since i've been here.

PJ Stock is a commentator for the CBC. He's a fucking moron. He can't speak. The lead commentator had to bail him out while showing a replay. The lead guy just called him "genius." And they want to show another highlight but they must have told the main guy that they don't have it cued up! I love Canada! It's like an amateur United States. And they play hockey, make Molson and have Rush.

Oh man, make it stop! Now they just showed a commercial of PJ Stock and a figure skating star skating with Depends on, the incontinence adult diapers, saying they didn't even notice. Lol! I just wet myself again. I could used one of those fucking things. It's Theatre of the Absurd.


WAS takes a fatigue time out. 18:01 OT. 

Backstrom tries a long pass. It's turned over and Boston scores.

Hijo de puta.  

Eek. Game 7 on Wed. in Boston. 

This is one of the 27 people in Madrid who follow hockey, signing off.

Soon to be 26 bitches!

I'm a national treasure.

Follow me down, to the valley below
You know
Moonlight is bleeding
From out of your soul

Come to us
It's time for you to go

-Porcupine Tree

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