domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

the best laid plans of mice and me...

I did not do the Hemingway pub crawl with the Welsh Witch. I couldn't find her at the pub and by the time she rang me i was already on my home. It was for the best. I stopped by Triskell after my class to Watch Everton vs. Liverpool in the 1st FA cup semii-final and get a bite. I saw Mark, Jen, and Brian. 

Neptune Collonges wins in a photo finish.

Then it was the Grand National at 17:30. It's a 40 horses race with 30 fences to jump over. It took like ten minutes to finish the damn thing. It was part horserace, part steeplechase, part chariot race. We all picked horse in a raffle. My horse, Deep Purple, did not finish. He wiped out early on. One of the favorites, Synchronized, and another horse had to be put down after falling. Only 14 riders finished. I hadn't seen anything like it since Ben Hur. It was a bloodbath. Jenny had the winning ticket - Neptune Collanges, and won 40E.

Then Paul and Woody and i played cribbage so was already crawling by the time i went to meet her. Then we missed each other. No worries. We said we'd meet up this week. 

I am looking for jobs in CT. I am beyond confused. Are there headhunters for teachers? I need one. It's common routine now; look up jobs, read fineprint to see requirements and qualification, then look up on Google Maps where the hell the city is in CT and if i can commute from Ansonia. 

Okay - shower, clean some more and then head to watch Spurs vs. Chelsea in the 2nd FA Cup Final. Go Spurs!

Listening to;

Black Country Communion- Black Country Communion, 2
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Rush - Snakes and Arrows Live (disc 1)

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