viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Close to the Edge

A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace
And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace
And achieve it all with music that came quickly from afar
And taste the fruit of man recorded losing all against the hour
And assessing points to nowhere, leading every single one
A dewdrop can exalt us like the music of the sun
And take away the plain in which we move
And choose the course you're running

Down at the end, round by the corner
Not right away, not right away
Close to the edge, down by a river
Not right away, not right away


The Red Sox have picked up right where they left off - losing. A 1-5 roadtrip through Detroit and Toronto leaves the Choke Nation shaking their collective heads. And is Bobby V the answer? No, no he is not.

Terry Francona has said he will not be attending the 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park. Good for him. They treated him shabbily at the end, so screw them. 

So what does the future hold for the Red Sox? NY, Toronto and Tampa are all good teams in the same division. It's going to a long fall.

Also Close to the Edge is the entire country of Spain. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. One of my students changed her job and is moving to Chile. Carolyn, Dani, Carla and Gøran, and myself are all leaving this summer. Southern Europe is FUBAR. Let the exodus begin.

Movement of Jah people
-Bob Marley

CT is repealing the death penalty. Good for my home state! (my home state? How the hell did that happen?) Two wrongs don't make a right. Honestly, life imprisonment in isolation, allowed only two hours a day outside of your cell, is worse than  death. The two men convicted of the horrible Cheshire murders, as well as 9 others on death row, are exempt.

NH and PA are the only northeastern states left with capital punishment. 

And lastly, Why the Caps will win the Cup

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