sábado, 21 de abril de 2012


Unquestionably, the best Ribert Fripp solo album is A Blessing of Tears. It's extraordinary. It's all Frippertronics (which is playing a riff into a loop, then creating new ones with the ability to play over each loop.) Most of his Frippertronics albums are too meandering or atonal for me to like. But even Sue loved this one! And you know how she generally felt about Robert Fripp and King Crimson - she did not find it pleasing.

It's Saturday and i feel lazy as hell. Spoke with Mum and Mel is recovering from her ACL surgery on Thursday morning. She tore it skiing in Feb. Now she's looking at 4-6 months of Physical therapy. Yikes. Get better soon Seester! Rush is playing in Newark, NJ on Oct. 20th, so you have exactly six months to recover!

One more class at 13:00 today and then i am done. 

And the phone just rang and it's canceled until manana. Hooray! That was easy. I start two new classes next week to replace the ones that canceled. I need some routine and security in my life. I saw Carolyn last night. She is a suffering from UFO (unlimited freak out) as she leaves in 6 weeks to return to Long Island and say Adios to Madrid. I have already gone thru periods of UFO myself. I'm sure there is more to come.

Now i am watching a documentary on the last 24 hours of Keith Moon's life (the Who drummer who died of a prescription drug overdose on Sept. 7, 1978.) It makes me feel less crazy, but anyone would feel sane compared with Moon the Loon. Great drummer. 

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