jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

And the days go by....

She said luck is what you make it
you just reach out and take it.
Now let's dance a while.

She said nothing ever happens
if you don't make it happen.
And if you can't laugh, then smile.

But after a while
you realize time flies.
And the best thing that you can do
is take whatever comes to you.
'Cuz time flies.

And laughing in the summer showers
that's still the way I see you now.
-Porcupine Tree

As you might have guessed, the world did not end. Apologies to all my Mayan friends for calling them out and questioning the date. Perdona.

The Bender Birthday was epic. There were streamers, a cake made of pastry, at least 40 people in and out. It was great. Then we went to Barbaroi where we hung out for another hour and a half and listened to some prog rock.  

It was as Kevin wrote me "..worthy of being chronicled in a 20 minute anthem by Rush" which is said by Bender in an episode. 

They made me a card and everyone wrote something inside. It was really cool. It's like a little timecapsule. 

RIP Ray Bradbury. Farenheit 451 was amazing. Truly amazing. Way the f*^k ahead of it's time. 

The Euro Cup starts on Friday. 

Kevin's birthday is on Saturday

I will be two months away from leaving. 

Time flies. 

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