miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

here's looking at you...

No class til 15:30 manana. So i will say hola to all of ye. I am listening to Pink Floyd at Pompeii.  It's brilliant. Influenced me in a lot of ways. I felt more able to experiment but keep to the basics; and always keep good time. 

But all is well. It was cool the last 3 days so that is glorious. The high yesterday was 73F! At some point it will get hot and never stop until September. 

The new Rush album is amazing. Dense and heavy. It will take a lot more time for me to digest it, which is what i love about great progressive rock. 

Mel and i have been seeing Rush together every tour since 1983. We've been going to shows for 29 years! And we'll go again this October. 29 years? How did my sweet baby sister get so old, while i've aged hardly a day?

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