domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

The Fucket List

Edited for a few hours with Vicky on Fri. Then i went to a going away party for some Canadian friends who are moving back to Canada (Alberta.)

I have created a Fucket List, the things i need to do before i leave Madrid. i crossed two things off the list yesterday with the Welsh Witch. We went to Casa de Campo and road the Telefrico, a tram that goes over the park and gives you a great view of the city. Then we had lunch by the lake (lago.) Fried murcilla (blood sausage) and then a great steak. 

Then watched DEN upset HOL in the Euro Cup. That was huge. And Germany beat Portugal, 1 - 0. Tonight Spain plays Italy. The Ireland plays Croatia. But first, more editing.

Editing the novel is number 1 on my Fucket List. 

I am listening to the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels, even though the release date isn't until the 12th. Welcome to the brave new world of the Internet. I've listened to it this weekend and i like it. It's massive and dense and there are a few songs that i can't even grasp yet. That's a good sign for a progressive rock album. Watch can be baffling at the beginning can later still hold my interest years later after dozens of listenings. This new album covers a lot of ground. It's the 1st time they've told a story over an entire album. 

Thank your stars you're not that way 
 Turn your back and walk away
 Don't even pause and ask them why 
 Turn around and say goodbye 

 All that you can do is wish them well 
 All that you can do is wish them well 
 All that you can do is wish them well

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