sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Quiz Bastard

Well, I was the Quiz Master (quiz bastard) at J&J on Friday, for the first time ever. It was a blast. The categories were international football, rock and roll, film and lit. and history. When Carla heard i was doing the quiz she started studying up on progressive rock and it helped her get the question about Robert Fripp being in King Crimson. It was a very fun night. I got home at 7:00am

Yesterday was Frippy's Bday. He would have been 13. Happy birthday boy. And happy birthday to his brother, Mulligan. 

Vicky and i edited a lot on Friday. More manana. We are 38% done. Woo hoo!

Now i am going to start watching Prometheus. I loved Alien. Scared the pee pout of Mel and i. I think we called her Missy back then.

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