jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

like any other day

Cut off my fingers in the door of my car
How could I do it?
My wife is proud to tell me
Of her love affairs
How could she do this to me?

My wife has burned the scrambled eggs
The dog just bit my leg
My teenage daughter ran away
My fine young son has turned out gay
And it would be O.K. on any other day
And it would be O.K. on any other day

-The Police

  • Spain's borrowing costs hit an all time high
  • UConn is banned from tournament play because their players can't read. Well done, UConn.
  • The state of CT just started a 3 year Norwalk highway project 7 weeks before i move to CT.
No more, please! I think the safe word is kangaroo. 


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