jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Burnin' for you


Leroy Neiman died today. He was a great painter of sports figures. I remember Burger King giving out posters of his during the Olympics in the 70's.

Does anyone still watch the Olympics? I don't like prepubescent girls in sexual poses. Swimming is boring as hell. Maybe they will actually show soccer because i am in Spain. They don't in the US. And they NEVER show fencing. A**holes

It's hotter than hell. I can't stay hydrated. I can't eat. Just Gatorade and water. I know it's hot in the Northeast too, and i feel your pain, i do. 

I'll pack later. I am looking forward to the coolness of the north. We'll take the bus. It takes like 4 hours. 

I'm going to be out of the blog loop til i come home on Monday, most likely. Good food. Just hang out with the Welsh Witch and chill for a bit. It's been a very long school year and will be a hectic summer. But finally, after what seems like forever, i am coming home. I am so ready to come home. 

I hate summer here. 

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