lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Everything Changes

For numerous reasons, the main ones being the new found cache of work i've found and wanting another few months with the band, into which so much work has been poured (all of it a pleasure), i may stay in Madrid til December. Don't poop yourself Mum! I'll still be back for the summer. Maybe even until mid Sept. Plans within plans, wheels within wheels. Right now it's just a thought, to be determined by early June. It will also give me more time to find my next job, which i'd love to be in Latin America. I'm looking into some tutoring jobs i may be able to swing while i'm home in the summer. It could be the best of both worlds (F*#K You, Sammy Hagar). More time in the Northeast, and a few months of gigs with the band.

wind in my hair
shifting and drifting

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