lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Tengo miedo (I'm frightened!)

It's June.

Frigging hell. It's hot. It was 90F today. I hate the heat. Next stop, Alaska. Por favor. Class from 8:30 -10:00 tomorrow. Then 12:00 - 2:00. Then my last class is canceled as it's a holiday week. What else is new?

Don is still in Florida.

Our bassist was complaining about having to help us move my kit with his car on Saturday. Tamara told him not to be a girl! Ha! She's awesome.

We go on the radio on Wed. morning to promote our gig on Aprende Ingles (learn English) radio. My friend Alberto has a show
and invited us on. Should be a hoot.
It's nice to have friends in low places. :)

I wanted to do a Dio/Rainbow cover, as a tribute to our fallen dark master, but we didn't have time to learn one. Oh well. Next time.

It'll be a fun week. We'll try and record the show.

How's this for a book title; Turn Tables of the Damned.

It's about three teenagers in the 2000's who only listen to vinyl and then they discover a plot that Satan is trying to bring about the end of the world through playing LP's. It'll turn out to be progressive rock versus Satan's sixteen year old pop princess.

Man, i need to just go to bed. Forgive my ramblings.

nighty night,.. you.... rabbit -Mad scientist to Bugs Bunny

Weird Report:

I am reading, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer. It's brilliant. History and vampires! Are you kidding me?! I love it! I can't believe someone actually wrote such a thing.

And know i am watching the remake of On The Beach. Why am i so morbid? I mean, i find it very enjoyable. It doesn't bring me down. You get a glimpse of the worst and well, helps you appreciate the best. Nevil Shute wrote a masterpiece. Mum always loved it. It's about Armageddon. Damnation. It's just so beautiful it makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Armand Assante, Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown are fantastic. Beautifully written rewrite of the script. Just bloody brilliant. Difficult film to redo, but Showtime nailed it. Nick Cave even has a song in it!

i turn 800 on Saturday! Woo hoo! You undead bloodsuckers can kiss my ass. I'm with the 16th President of the United States! Kill'em all. Let Dio sort them out.

Mets are on the west coast. Impossible to watch. Well, they'll be back east soon enough. It wa sa bad weekend vs. the Brew Crew. But a guy named Dickey got the win for the Mets. Dickey! Heee, heee. Tonight i think Seymour Hooters is pitching.

I release you from this blog.

You can go your own way
-Fleetwood Mac

Mum loves the Mac too.

Thank God (who doesn't exist) for ventiladors (fans)!

Love this movie. If you rent it and don't like it i'll buy you a velocirapter. Provided i can find the DNA (see Michael Crichton; Jurasic Park, parts I-XI).

"In the name of St. Micahel and St. George, I CAST ME OUT!"
-El Dude

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