martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Lick My Eyes

Friggin Hell! It's getting HOT. Only 81F today, but i walk everywhere. Hot. "Wicked Hot!" as they say in CT. I'm going to die when summer hits full on. 93-98F Ugh! And then i go back to the US Northeast where it's humid as balls.

Well, i was just on our roof and it was delightful. 12 stories is pretty high for this city.

The Copa Del Rey FInal is tomorrow! Vamos Atleti! To win two titles in one season, a double, is a rare and impressive thing.

The Mets finally won. Pelfry pitched last night and has been pretty awesome all year long.

I hope Chicago wins the Stanley Cup. They just might.

22:30 - I should cook something delicious. Grilled cheese and tomato!

"That'll do pig. That'll do."
-James Cromwell, Babe

There's all sorts of white fluffy crap floating in the air the past four days. High spring. Lotsa allergy crap. I feel pretty good, i just upped my antihistamine dosage.

Better living through chemistry!
-Pat Smith

Stop writing...just....step...away from the keyboard....

This blog has become my solace. A part of my brain. Thanks to all of you who have read my driveling crap for the past 3+ years. Wow. I don't even understand why people do that. But thanks. Seriously.

Yeah. Grilled cheese with tomato sounds pretty good.

Much work. Much much. Very good. I hope in continues into the Fall.

Everything changes. Nothing changes. Same old, same old. Same as it ever was.


Evil never changes. Goodness never changes. These things are constant. Absolute. I think i'm discovering my math side, beside drums (Mum cheers!).

The square root of 111. Answer; 10.53565375

Me so Smart!

I can't believe HEROES was canceled. NBC sucks. Including Chris Collinsworth and Bob Costas. .

I talked to Annie and Sue on Skype this weekend. Annie was telling me stories and showing me pictures. It was incredible. She showed me a picture of Fripp and said, "Look - Frippy!" She knows i'm his "daddy." She's adorable. I can't help but love her. That can only be a good thing. She's just..... precious.

Sleep. Wake up at 7:00 manana. Sleep well ye in the new world.

I fall asleep listening to a live version of King Crimson playing The Sheltering Sky in 1983 in Fregus. Brilliant stuff.

go to bed

my eyes are dry
lick them please

Things carry on. And on. And on

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