viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Through the Ether

Tomorrow i'm going to play drums with my friend, Margarita, and a another guitarist. She usually plays solo (with programming and stuff) but wants to try something with a group at her next gig. Fun, edgy, alternative stuff. Should be good for me to try a new brand of drumming.

I am tired in an ethereal way. So much going. Going here, going there, going on, going down. It seems funny but it's just madness really. I'm looking forward to the annual summer tour.

I am thinking about moving out of this shit hole moldy flat for June. Only problem is at Maria's place (who offered for me to live there in June - i'll leave my stuff by her over the summer) is the three cats weren't much better last night when we discussed it. Itchy hands from the cats, or it could be my allergy sensitivity is higher after living here for 6 months. So there is a decision to make rather quickly. I was kind of weening myself off of antihistamines, but i guess i obviously need them. I've had some kind of dermal allergy here at this flat which must be the mold).

It never ends. Always something to worry about. I guess that's life. More will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned!

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