domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Purple hair, purple hair

Hit Girl

Dennis Hopper is dead. So sad. He was a great actor. He knew how to play a crazy person. He was a crazy person.

And Gary Coleman is dead too. He was 42. I won't miss him as much as Hopper but it's sad to see someone die so young.

Pete and went to see a charity match between AC Milan and Real Madrid. It was all old timers. Zidane and Figo played for Real Madrid. It was only 10E a ticket and was good fun.

The movie, Kick Ass is hysterical. The funniest movie since Super Bad. It's gross and hilarious.

There's mines over there, there's mines over there, and watch out those goddamn monkeys bite, I'll tell ya.
-Dennis Hopper, Apocalypse Now

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