sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

speaking in tongues

Home. It went very well. It was for the nuclear power division, all execs, of Fenosa, the energy company. We were in the middle of nowhere, near Avila. It paid well. We had fun. I learened a lot about how clean nuclear power is. I showed an episode of the Simpsons where Homer saves the nuclear plant from meltdown, or as Mr. Burns put it, an unrequested fission overload.

And Atletico Madrid beat Liverpool 2-2 on aggregate to advance to the Europa League Final on May 12th!

We have a gig on June 5th, my 42nd birthday.

I got back last night and then had a date. It was a black hole from which no light could escape. It was at her friend's house. They were all speaking Spanish, which was fine, but i was exhausted and had spoken no Spanish in 3 days on the intensive. She's from Texas. She was trying to teach me to roll the rr like they do in Spanish, which for some anglos is impossible. Then she told me she had a slight speak impediment! I told her that it was more properly called a New York Accent. I refrained from saying that she had a know-it-all bitch impediment. I was chatting with our beautiful Cuban host and told her what Willow said. She said, "You don't have a speech impediment!" I said i knew this. I waited 20 minutes til dinner was over, said i was exhausted and left. I hate dating.


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