viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Long Live Rock and Roll

Ronnie James Dio (1942 -2010)

High noon
Oh I'd sell my soul for water
Nine years' worth
Of breakin' my back
There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard
See how he glides
Why he's lighter than air
Oh I see his face

More random weirdness;

= The 2010 World Cup Broadcast is a 2.15 billion Euro Business.

= Former MLB Pitcher Jose "Lima Time!" Lima dropped dead of a heart attack at 37. I used to hear him on the Jim Rome radio show. He was hilarious. He loved the game. He shall be missed.

= Ronnie James Dio, 62, died of stomach cancer. He was the former Rainbow/Black Sabbath/ singer who also had a solo career. Great voice. Lyrics of wizards, magic, seers, evil, religion, etc. Cool stuff. He looked as if he was a character in Lord of the Rings.

= The Mets shutout the Phillies for 21 innings in a 3 game sweep. Toma! (Take it!)

= I read that AARP may get behind decriminalizing marijuana/medical use/legalization because use among 55-59 year olds has tripled in the past few years from 1.9 to 5.9. Many of them are using it medicinally for aches, pains, arthritis or in place of sleeping pills. I was really surprised but i read it in the Washington Post. AARP has a lot of lobbying power. I taught it in class because it really illustrates the power of organizing. Students have been really intrigued.

Do your demons - do they ever let you go
When you've tried - do they hide -deep inside
Is it someone that you know
You're a picture - just an image caught in time

We're a lie - you and I
We're words without a rhyme

There's no sign of the morning coming
You've been left on your own
Like a Rainbow in the Dark

-Ronnie James Dio

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