sábado, 28 de enero de 2012



Darth Vader during the great purge of the Jedi.

Sleep is Awesome.

So if you ask me
Where do I go from here
My next destination
Even isn't really that clear
So if you join me
And get on your knees and prey
I'll show you salvation
We'll take the alternative way
Clutching the short straw


Music to purge to;

Live at Lorely (1987, disc2) - Marillion
Ghosts - Frequency Drift
Live at the Lyceum 1980 - Genesis
2 - Black Country Communion
Peter Gabriel 3  - Peter Gabriel

I need to really scour my room. Oh, how our transgressions come home to roost! Books, papers, drums, dreams. hopes... scattered all over the place. Let the Great Purge begin. First i have to scrape wax out of the bidet.  It all went down at 3:00 in the morning and it was not pretty. Marcondes had lit up the entire bathroom with candles (porque?) and i went to put one out that was on a wooden picture frame (great idea!) and the metal cylinder was hot as hell. So i insticntively tossed it into the bidet.  Wooden spoon. Dish detergent. Check, check. Off i go.


I'll buy an anti-grease spray later, but that pretty much worked.  And my room is Cleaner. Still a great deal to go. This is 2 day job,

Time to groom myself. There should be hot water now. Big date tonight. Must wash between my toes!


Clean. I smell like flowers.  Now go buy beer to bring and get food for manana. Mail postcards. Head out to the Welsh Witch's at 20:30.

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