lunes, 16 de enero de 2012


Gmen started with a nice drive. Now they are starting another nice one. Manning had all day. 

HOU and BALT was pretty much a snore.

Manning pass to Nicks like 66 yards for a TD! Woo hoo! No me creo!  
What a year Eli has had! NYG 10 - GB 3.

Mistake. The Pack gets the ball on their own 40.

HOU and BAL was so defensive. This is going to be a very different kind of game. 

I am going to have to check out the new Napoleon Dynamite. That's looks awesome. I adore that movie. It's random and nerdy..., and hysterical. Epic because it was totally off the radar and was crazily successful.

Giants under review to see if they got a fumble recovery. Looks like they did. The Giants got robbed. Robbed! The one ref overruled the other on the field before they went to replay. 

Frig. The Pac Men are on the march. 

NYG 10 GB 3,  End of 1st Q.

NYG 10 GB 10.

But GB attempts an onside kick and Giants get it back in great field position. 

Tynes for 40 yds.D'oh!. Blocked.These teams are fired up. Slugging it out blow by blow. NFC smash-mouth football.That's a missed gift FG for the Giants. 

1st and 20 after a hold for GB. Damn. Mr. Rodgers scrambled about 11 yards. He's a dangerous bastard. Holy shit! 

Rodgers kept it and ran for another first down. 

4 dropped passes by Pack receivers. 

I Skyped with Annie and Sue today, Sue is well and Annie is adorable and happy. It was fun. 

Eli throws to Ballard for 17yds. Then Eli gets picked deep in Packer territory. 

And for the first time the Giants are on their heels. Kuhn fumbles! Giants recover. Momentum swing!

Nicks inside the GB 10! Bradshaw to the 1. Jacobs gets sent backwards. 3rd and Goal. 2 minute warning, This is big. Bitch slap these yellow helmet guys before the half. Incomplete. Life's a bitch. 

NYG 13 - GB 10

GB has not trailed at half time all year (at least according to Joe Schmuck.)

Rodgers is sacked! NYG ball at their own 30. 

Giants driving. Bradshaw runs for 16 yards and gets out of bounds.  

What the what? 37 yard Hail Mary to Nicks! 

NYG 20 - GB 10. A great opportunity seized by the Giants. 

- - -

GB gets the ball to start the half.  

This has been a great game so far, Rodgers run for 15! Bastard! 

Giants get the ball but punt it away. 8:40 3Q Just eat that clock away boys. In Giant football - time of possession is key. Even though the running game hasn't done much today, you still just try to play the possession game against a dangerous offense. And their defense sucks. 

The GB offense may be adjusting. A nice 11 yard 3rd down pickup. The pack is on the move. NYG 18 yard line. They settled for a FG.

NYG 20 GB 13.

Holding. 1st and 20 for NYG. 3 and out. 

GB fumbles! Giants run it down to the 10 or so, 

Manning to Maningham! TD!

NYG 30 GB 13. The Giants are going to SF! Will the NFL fix both Championships game so the the Super Bowl is the Harbaugh Bowl (Balt. vs. SF)? 

You know i am a conspiracy theorist when it comes to things like this. 

NYG 30 GB 20,
 4:46 4Q

NYG 37 - 20 GB, An ass kicking, 

Or maybe it will be a rematch of '09, NE /NYG?

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