domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Judgement day


I just finished writing an album review the Adults' new album KARMIC RELIEF (2011.) I'll look it over manana and then post it to list of websites Jimbo sent me. If you haven't heard it, i reccommend it quite highly. Some of the songs were songs i played with Jim and Mark a bunch during my 2010 Summer Tour. Cool to hear how they sorted them out.


The day of the AFC and NFC Championship games is the best Sunday the NFL has to offer offer. It's Judgement Day. You get two games (in case one sucks as the AFC Championship promises to) You also get a chance at a rematch between two teams who know each other and have met earlier in the season, as have NYG and SF.

I say NE over BAL
NYG over SF

Let the games begin!!!!!

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