sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Random Impulses

And i keep crawling back to you
-Tom Petty

Note to self- Greatest innovations of the 21st Century so far

The iPod
the Kindle

So what's next?

I look forward to time travel, edible clothing, having your Passport microchipped into your ass, completely hypo-allergenic dogs, the NY Mets being sold to Red Bull and re-branded as such and finding out that Glenn Beck is really a robot. 


NO over SF
NE over DEN
NYG over GB

GB is a great team but it's been a long lay off for Buck Rodgers and i think fate is just going to finally catch them. I could be wrong, so very, very, horribly wrong, but i think the Gmen pull this one out. They really should have won the first meeting last month in New Jersey. 

SF has had a SOFT schedule in a bad division. I think NO will win the Stupor Bowl.
Tea Bag time is over. NE wins this one.
HOU has gone as far as they can with TJ Hooker and QB.

And th.. th...th..that's all folks!

Tonite; Menchu's Bday party.

* * *


Man, i could just stay in and watch a movie. But she's my student and i said i would go so i'll go. You have to keep promises to the Studentia (the proper plural for students

What a lovely day of sitting on my ass and making pasta and reading (I did manage to do laundry and tidy the room a wee bit during all this.)

Music to compost by;

Exile in Guyville - Liz Phair
Herd of Instinct - Herd of Instinct
Quelqu'un ma dit - Carla Bruni
Ghosts - Frequency Drift
The Live Anthology - Tom Petty

I spoke with Mum today. She said that she and the girls all got sick after they got home. Bummer. Feel better! We had a great time on holiday. It was nice to see my Family Harem again. You get noticed when you travel around with three woman. 

Now i'm free
 free fallin'
-Tom Petty

Must.. go...to ...birthday....party.

I'm Out Zee Doooooor....

I say  NO 24 - SF 10

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