lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Teacher Student Privilege

That's a real thing right? Student - teacher confidentiality? Menchu's party was fun. I saw Miguel, Teresa, Elena and Fernando, and maybe got a new student. The food was great and Miguel gave me a ride home about 1:30. Then i watched the end of NO / SF and i was shocked. SF has some D. And NO played a sloppy game. So when the Giants upset GB they will head to SF. NO has trouble playing outside of their Dome, I guess.

Time for Houston / Baltimore. I hope i am wrong and Houston can pull it out. I hate the City of Baltimore. Crackmore, we used to call it when i lived there. C'mon Arian Foster!


HOU just stuffed Ray Rice on 4th and half a yard. They just stood him up.

HOU 13 BAL 17. Houston has fought to stay in this game. 00:25 3Q

The Punt, Pass and Kick Competition is being awarded in between the change of sides. They still do that? It was a stupid competition 30 years ago and it's still idiotic. And then as a reward they send you to Baltimore! The US city with the the 3rd highest rate of STDs? No way any kid of mine is ever going to play in that dumb ass competition.

Time is running out for the Texans.

Time has run out.

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