lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

To Do List



Posted the Karmic Relief album review today on Amazon, CD Baby and BookFace. Yet another thing to cross off the to do list. But the list is still kind of fucking long....

I played poker
With a doctor
Stand straight up
And call him cheat
Then I walked those 20 paces
I gunned him right down
In the street
Hey Ma
Hey Pa
Look at me standin' tall
Sister - (Ha! )
Look at them bad guys fall
I'm walkin' and talkin' real slow
Out where the tumbleweed blows
Hey Ma
Hey Pa
Let those wagons roll!
Don't wake me up
I'm dreamin' John Wayne's dream
Under a sky so big
On a prairie green
-Big Country



The Giants are in the Stupor in a reamatch with Pats. How delicious! My mouth is watering. !t tastes like.... Giselle's tears, which in addition to being delicious, may also have Fountain of Youth properties. 

I saw pretty much the whole first half and then slept through the 2nd half and miraculously awoke at about 4:10 to see it tied at 17 with a few seconds to go. I saw the OT, which was short and sweet. The strip and then the FG. Great game! It ended at 4:55. The NFL is killing me softly with its song (killing me softly.)

Fierce the Tempest
Fierce the Tempest
-Frequency Drift

Busy as hell this week. But my 9:00 manana was cancelled and i get paid anyhoo. That buys me some time to finish the details for this intensive course that starts manana at 13:00. I got it thru Carla (of Bender Tuesday fame.) It's just me and it's like 9 to 12 hours over the next 3 weeks. They want to be able to teach some business English. So Carla recommended me and they said 'sure," after we talked. I've done a lot of intensives and love them. So this is a nice opportunity. 

And... the Welsh Witch invited me to dinner at her place on sabado, so that is also something to look forward to She's awesome. 

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