martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Bender Valentine's Tuesday


Just another winner, pours his life down the drain
Just another island in a hurricane
Just another loser, like a cat in the rain
Just another day -- in the path of a speeding train

The odds get even; you name the game
The odds get even; the stakes are the same
You bet your life...


Okay, 3 classes cancelled today. Some will be made up, some not. So... it means i get to sit down with my MacBook and edit. Hooray! i have no class til 13:30 manana. But i never had much class.

So, i've loaded every Rush studio album into a playlist, all 18 which is over 14 hours of music, and will shuffle them by album. 

Edit boy, edit!

It's quite odd to go back over and read soemthing that was 'finished' two years ago. There are some things make me think i'm very talented. Some things that make me think i'm insane. In the end, i have every reason to belive that i am both.

Why don't i just write poems? It'd be so much quicker. Okay- back to factory floor.

The story is half editted. Huzah! Time to eat a late lunch. Then clean and do some billing. And then it's Bender Tuesday.

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