lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

La Fuente Del Angel Caido

Statue of the Fallen Angel, Retiro Park, Madrid. Something like this will be the book cover to BUYING NEW SOUL.

I added one short scene since i got back from lunch. I think it works. It marks a subtle turning point. The statue of Angel Caido features in this scene. I like the way it fit with some of the other imagery throughout the book.

Well, things didn't work out with the Welsh Witch in the romantic way. But I think we're cool. I'm like, "Hey, just take it as a compliment and we'll just be friends." We're very good friends, already pretty close. So we'll just keep it that way. But at least i gave it a shot, so now i know.

We hung out for a while afterwards and then i got her into a cab. It'll be fine, i think.

My love life will sort itself out. It always does. I'm actually in a pretty good place right now. 

Right now, the thing that's got me all geeked up is that i am looking at the my new novel, BUYING NEW SOUL on my Kindle! How sweet is that?

Answer; Pretty goddamned sweet!


Off to watch Atletico Madrid play Barcelona.


Atleti lost to Barca 2-1. Oh well.

 Life flies on. Busy day today. Manana is very light - one class at 3:30. Lotsa cancels and people out of town. I'll go to Retiro manana. It will be 65F and i'll shoot some picks of The Fallen Angel for the book cover.

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