jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

"i speak for the trees,"

Whew, i had to do a lot of fiddling about to get the picture in the masthead to not be enormous. But trial and error between iPhoto and the Google interface and it's a decent size now.

It is soooo cold here. With the windchill it'll be 22F tonight. Brutally cold. i am not used to it (ie, my muscles cramping up in Praha after a few days walking in the cold.) Class at 9:00. Then the consulting gig for that marketing/liason company at 13:00. That has been really fun. Back into marketing mode. They are working with the European Forestry Commission on a joint venture between Russia, Spain, some other countries. They gave me a synopsis to read. Where the hell is it? Hang on.

Okay, it's Forest Europe. They met in Oslo in June 2011 and agreed on these environmental limits that they will adhere to. The conference on the 15th of Feb. will be interpreted into English and Russian from Spanish. I'm doing a lot with rephrasing things they'll say at the conference because you always have to be careful not to step on anyone's toes at these things (i learned that from Sue and DRF.)

Needless to say, i'm exhausted. But work is work. It's cool. I'll take it. It was really sweet of Carla to recommend me for this job.  And interesting how my two years teaching at 9Ren helped to learn about solar power and EU Environmental Law. American Laura's taught me a lot about the laws too. And the hundreds of things i learned from Sue.

And it's Viernes in a few hours.

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