miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

New Look

  • Pic; playing cribbage with Mum in Praha, drinking the original Budweiser
  • About the new masthead - much thanks to Mel for thinking to take this pic of me in the Jewish Museum in Berlin. If ever there was a place i belong, it is the Garden of Exile. And the theme is black now. But you probably already noticed that. 
  • Manana is the Welsh Witch's birthday. I'm taking her out for Sushi on Friday. Saturday is Susana's going away party as she is moving to New Orleans. And Monday is the Stupor Bowl! And Tuesday is Robanukah, the 1 year anniversary of Bender Tuesday. What a freaking weekend!
  • When i was in grammar scvhool i was voted most likely to create my own religious holiday and most likely to be charged with manslaughter. And now i have created my own religious holiday! And i have never been charged with manslaughter (to date.)
  • Almost done doing the Facturas (bills) to the academies. I hate doing that. But i will start to get paid manana. Getting paid once a month is idiotic. 

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