miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Leap Day

It's done. Just shoot me an email about what format you want; MOBI (for Kindle), Epub, PDF, HTML or whatever your device supports (Mum, i already sent you a MOBI file). I can convert it with a program called Calibre. I am so happy it's done!  I'm supposing that from now on i will release a novel every Feb. 29th because it takes at least 3 years to write the f^*king thing. 

Buying New Soul

A Novel
Jay Greco

photo: Jay Greco, 335 pages, © Amphibian Publishing and Joseph Robert Greco, 2012

You can listen to the song that inspired the title from by clicking on the image at the top right.

So, if you are game, i shall send it to you and then i'd like your most precise criticism. And if you're apprehensive about giving me criticism, please remember

  • I was in sales 15 years and have gotten my teeth kicked in endless times by customers.
  • When i was 14, my sister and i told our father that if he couldn't call once a month, that maybe he shouldn't bother. We never heard from him again.
  • I am a teacher and lots of students hate me
  • The last two women i tried to kiss; one said 'thankyou' and the the pushed me in the chest and screamed "No!"
  • My wife got pregnant with another man's child, while we were still married, hid it, lied about it and put in a position where i had to what 5 months to find out if the child was mine or not
So criticism is kid stuff to me. Bring it on baby!

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