lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012


Teach me to hear the mermaid's song 
then tell me where it all went wrong
go and catch a falling star
then tell me not how things are
-Frequency drift

Fucking Lunes.

There was a problem with the Cercanias train and everything to Pozuelo was cancelled. So, we'll have to make it up on Thursday morning, maybe. A real pain in the ass.

And my 14 year old, Javi, who has some kind of medical condition wound up in the hospital. His mom called me on Sat. to say he okay and resting, but that he won't have class for a while.

And it's cold. We were so mild in Dec and Jan, but Feb has been a beast. Cold and windy- a bad combo.

But, i am editting / reading my last novel, Buying New Soul. When it's ready i can email you a PDF version to all of you Kindle, E Book readers.

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