jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

4 Derbys in 2010 / 2011

One more day o work. I teach like 7 hours manana.

But i have some new classes which is cool.

I lost some classes. That's life. I teach an hour less a week and make 2E less a week. That's a nice trade up!

Was supposed to see Paloma tonight but she has to work and is still knackered from her trip to Argentina and heading straight to work. She has a yoga training session this weekend. So i'll see her next week.

Sarah, Raul and Brian and i are meeting in Sol at 21:30 to watch the first leg (ida) of Atletico / Real Madrid in the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey. Yeah! 4 games between the two sides this year. 4 Derbis! They haven't met in the Copa(cabana) in 17 years. It must be my last year here!

Me so special.

Requiem for Lola: the lost verse Greco/Manilow
She lost her virginity and her whisky
now she has a big behind!
at the Copa...
dumber than folks from Louisiana
At the Copa
Music and fashion were always in traction
at the Copa......
don't do hard drugs

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