lunes, 10 de enero de 2011



Thank you all for the dozens of emails, shout outs on Facebook, IM's, phone calls (Mum), etc. It was an overwhelming outpouring of support. Even my friend from grammar school, Tara, said she thought of me during the game. I was a Seahawk fan 30 years ago. That's just depressing! The Seester said she was being rung and texted like crazy. Even our 90 year old Great Aunt Nunnie called Melissa to spread the love! We are very lucky to have such great friends and family.

American Laura and i watched the Ravens/Chiefs on the Internet and had a pizza. She liked my new place. I'll take some pictures as soon as i find out where i packed my camera.

Aaron Rodgers is a great QB and the Pack was right to cast off Favre for him. IF they win, which is still a big IF at 14-10 GB, the 7-9 Seahawks will be the only division winner to survive Wild Card Weekend.

21-10 GB!

SEA beats CHI, GB beats ATL and the Hawks get a home game for the NFC Championship!

Fuck you Mike HomeGrown - Fuck you Mike HomeGrown - Fuck you Mike HomeGrown! (It's supposed to be a kind of dance song)

Eagles down by 5. Go GB! Watching American football makes me feel like i'm back home. But by the time i come home, there will be a lock out for the 2011 season.

Steeeeempy , You EEEEEEdiot!
-Ren and Stimpy.

Williams intercepts! GB moves on.

Seattle is the only Division winner to advance this weekend!


See you in Chicago. Sunday 16 January, 13:00 EST, 19:00 GMT+1.

Now where the hell are my pants?

Enjoy the week. I'll be back. Same time. Yadda station.

THE NAME OF THIS BAND IS THE TALKING HEADS - TALKING HEADS. This live album is one of the best live albums ever. With Adrian Belew. Back up singers. Just complete and weird as all Hell.

i miss playing. Margarita and i have talked about jamming again soon.

Time to switch off. The Xmas season is finally over. God rest ye merry gentleman. In other words, fuck off! Enough with the holidays already. I yearn to get back to some normalcy. At least i worked 10 hours a week during the break. I know very few teachers who worked at all.

So things are good. I just vegged a lot this weekend. It was a nice break. And the Seahawks. It's nice to live in a comfortable place. Back to work! i enjoy what i do. Being able to help people learn things is.... just .. kind of magical. I am proud to be the second in a line of teachers, like Mum before me.

OK. Me go sleeping now.



Ugh. I fucking hate Spain. Everyone is back after two weeks off. I had 5 classes canceled for tomorrow. Some sick. Some on business trips. Some just being wankers and they can't handle going back to school and taking two hours of English class a week. But i picked up another two private students. That's the way to go. Frak the academies. i'll still have an okay week. It's annoying. They are so fucking lazy here. I'll still have at least 19.5 hours this week. The holidays are unending. No wonder their economy is in the basura (trash). But i will survive. I always do.
Time to cook dinner

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