viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

The Sanity Party

Crazy Harry; Muppet/Politician


Music. Constant companion and elicit lover.Which makes it that much more spicier.

WOW! i am listening to the Fripp solo on 21st Century Schizoid Man in Central Park in 1973. Ridiculously intricate, wildly entertaining. i am still pissed at Mum for not taking me to this show. I was five but i still would have gone nuts. But she did take me to see Fleetwood Mac when i was in 6th grade in 1979 at the Nassau Mausoleum . That was f*^king awesome! Is it any wonder i became a drummer? So that said bygones Mum!

Tired. I go a sleeping.


Listening to the Jimmy Chamberlain Project: Life Begins Again. It's ridiculously good. An all-star cast. He's an exceptional drummer. He was a force to be reckoned with on all of the Smashing Pumpkin Albums. It took me months and months to be able to play Mayonaise decently. And play it we did with Homer and the Doughnuts. Jim, Kev and I. I loved that band. That was the first time Jim and i started playing as a band. Before Wayward Platypus. Before Cerebral LapDance. These are all bands or projects we've played together in. There is no one i have played with longer than Jim. It's difficult to remember not playing with him. It's been over 15 years.

Wow! The Chamberlain Project Album is Proggimus Maximus.

O brave new world that has such people in it!


Okay. Now i just shuffled the 219 King Crimson songs i have on my Mac. So different. So innovative and dissonant yet it somehow makes sense.

When i listen to music i think i finally understand how Mum sees math.

The song Industry is playing. 1984. Math for the ears. I can see it when i close my eyes.

I count therefore i am.


Me Voy a cama.

Have good night and a pleasant tomorrow.


Knowledge is a deadly friend

When no one sets the rules.

The fate of all mankind I see

Is in the hands of fools.

-King Crimson

Like the Republicans in the House who voted to repeal healthcare! Morons. Part of me loathes going back to the United States. Politically, the US is off its nut. How can those with so much wish to deprive those without of decent healthcare? It makes me sad. It enrages me. Someday i'm going to leave the US and live somewhere else. Oh...wait. Already done that. Twice.

Shit. Time for a new plan.

I'll come back and run for president! That's the one. I'll start the Sanity Party. Tina Fey can be my Vice President / Concubine! Once i convince her to lift that restraining order she placed on me.

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