martes, 11 de enero de 2011

Something Happened

Leia Kills Jabba

Stuff happened. Nothing worth mentioning. Spanish people drive me crazy. I'm still having fun, but pull me off the grill cuz i'm done.

At the Copa
Full of guys
who once
hit on your Nana

I have some new students. If i can find a bus to take me to their office park in the middle of nowhere.

At the Copa


where old guys
stuff their pants
with bananas

Sorry. Just kind of inspired. Tired. Feel like my rooms been wired.

Music and fashion
were always in traction

at the Copa....
Don't do hard drugs (Copacabana)

Yea. Some days my writing is much more engaging than others. But the Family Guy version of Return of the Jedi, well that was just brilliant.

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