viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

The sacred and the bizarre

Friday! One class canceled - One moved to Sunday (But i told him i MUST leave by 18:30 for the Seahawks game!) SO i get to sit on my ass til i go to the University.

Real Madrid beat Atleti 3-1 on a bunch of horrible no calls. Why do i bother? It's so obviously fixed so that Real Madrid beats them. There are widespread accusations of Franco fixing matches in the 60's so that Real won.

Okay, in unrelated absurd news; this is a clip of Katy Perry's band playing a 25 second clip of the obscure and ludicrously difficult Rush song, Cygnus X-1. The original clocked in at over ten minutes. This is probably the last song on earth i ever would have imagined the "California Gurl" playing. I also now fear i may have caused Kevin to have a heart attack when he read this. Sorry old sport! Sorry Heather!

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