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7 - 9: The Worst NFL Playoff Team Ever

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Seahawks / Saints Jan 8, 2011
22:30 GMT +1 Play by Play as entered by me in real time. Edited this morning for typos, accuracy and to omit foul language and expletives. Most of them.

Lynch does a flip after breaking 8 tackles and running 67 yards on an off-tackle run.

Seahawks / Saints Jan 8, 2011

22:30 GMT +1

Big Pass play to Colston, 32 yards.

Then a pass goes off the hands of Obomanu and Hass is picked. This is a bad start. NO on the SEA 35.

Bush gets a first down on a screen on third and ten. Horrible.

Interference on third and three. Thurman mugged him.

10 - 0. Ugh. Where's the Scotch? This getting away from the Hawks quickly.

< - - - >
Robinson out to the SEA 45. Leon Washington needs to have a big day. SEA hasn't rushed the ball yet. Wonderful.

Nice catch and run by Obomanu. But they are looking at his wrist.

I am wearing my old school blue jersey with the prozac Seahawk. 81. Koren Robinson.

The Lynch with a power run!

Harper with a defensive hold! First down. TD to John Carlson! Wide open. 6 plays 57 yards. Hass 4/4.

Now the Hawks need to start playing sound football.

Hass wants to pass Krieg for all-time Seattle wins before he leaves (he needs 2 wins). And he won't be back next year.

17-7. Fucking Julius Jones.

Obomanu! 1st Down.

Interference on Robinson. 1st down.

Morrah with almost a 40 yard catch on a heave and catch play. Then TD catch by Carlson. 17-14. It's an offensive slugfest.

Seattle needs to slow down the NO offense.

Hawks D needs to force a turnover!

Carlson pretended to fall down and then stood up for the TD, Untocuched!

NO punts for the first time. Then SEA goes 3 and out.

Julius Jones fumbles! SEA ball on the NO 19.

3 plays to Lynch and SEA settles for a FG.


But that was a wasted opportunity with a short field. New ball game.

The SEA D looks fierce.

Sack by Brock!

SEA ball.

TD Pass to Stokely! YESSSSSSS! 24-17

40 yard pass play but Trufant punished him on the tackle.

SEA 24 - NO 20. Holy Crap!!!!

38 yard TD pass to Mike Williams! 31 - 20!

NO self-destructed that series with an intentional grounding call.

Hawks on the move. FG. 34-20. Obomanu dropped an easy catch that would have been the first down.

SEA is on a 27 - 3 run. Whoa!

But this last twenty minutes can't go by fast enough for me.

What a hit by Jennings and Babineaux to prevent the first down!

The Seahawks D held on fourth and inches! The defense is possessed. Ball on NO 36

Williams drops a pass and then they take a penalty on an FG attempt (offsides) and have to punt. Maybe a good thing. 53 yard FG is not a gimme for Mare. SEA doesn't want to give up a TD on special teams. NO is at the SEA 36. Start of the 4th quarter. Is any lead really safe vs. NO? When you are SEA?

Yet, 2 NFC West teams have been to the Super Bowl the last few years. SEA and ARIZ.

Man. Technical Foul on a retaliation. Fuck.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

TD NO. 34 -27. 13:11 left. Unlucky numbers. Someone hold me. They need to eat up the clock.

Nope. NO ball.

This is torture. It burns! It burns!

34 - 30. The D saves them. They gotta burn some time this series. They only burned 45 seconds off the clock the last time.

C'mon Leon. Bring one back. Stopped at the 30.

C'mon Hawks. 9 minutes. Can they pull off the upset?

Stokley! 1st Down. Keep those chains moving!

Ryan to punt. Downed at the 12. Hold. Half the distance on a penalty!


D D D D D D!

False start and a time out to avoid delay - caused by the 12th Man!

Saints to punt.

4:20 on the clock.

Lynch 67 yard monster run TD, breaking 8 tackles! 41 - 30.

This has been a wildly entertaining day. So everyone who complained that 7-9 was unfair - well of course it is. But that's the system. But if they knock off NO, this is one of the biggest upsets in Playoff history. Not like the Giants over the Pats in the Super Bowl, but big.

TD NO. They have to go for two.

STUFFED. Dfense!!!!

Okay, Carlson eats up the ball on the onside kick.

Run it out. Fly time fly!

The Seahawks win 41 - 36. I can't believe my eyeballs!

Pete Carrol has won the biggest NFL game of his life. And the Seahawks shock the entire country. Incredible. See you in Atlanta or Chicago! I hope it's Chicago!

This makes up for the fixed Super Bowl loss in 2005. ESPN had it ranked as the 5th largest Playoff upset ever. Giants/Pats Superbowl was #2. Jets over Colts in the Super Bowl was #1.

Roger Goodell just poured himself a Martini and said "See, I'm always right!"

And to anyone who says the Seahawks didn't deserve to be there today;

Eat my shorts
-Bart Simpson

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