jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

week in review

Apologies for the long absence. Work and exhaustion and other unforeseen events have keep me way busy.

Let's go to the video tape...
-Warner Wolf


the Acoustic Adrian Belew, Twang Bar King - Adrian Belew
Live at Red Rocks 1983 - Joni Mitchell
Miscellaneous Debris - Primus (great covers of HAVE A CIGAR and INTRUDER)
Tarquin's Seaweed Farm, Deadwing - Porcupine Tree
Live in Japan 1981 - King Crimson ( a lot material that would be on the album BEAT, before it was released. Some sick versions of those songs including an instrumental version of Neurotica called Manhattan.)

i mean, has the entire USA gone mad? The politicians behaving like babies. I read in the USA Today, that bastion of credible journalism, that people across the US South and California are getting high snorting or ingesting bath salts. What the frak? They've been made illegal in Louisiana but people drive over to Mississippi to get them! And need i remind you that Mississippi is the state that is responsible for Brett Favre as well?

Speaking of asshole QB's, Pittsburgh loves Big Ben again, after twice being accused of sexual assault and a 4 game suspension.

And NASA's Kepler space telescope, which is finding approximately ten new planets month, is looking for another inhabitable planet. I guess because the writing is already on the wall that short term economics are more important than our planet's ability to sustain life and the continued survival of the human race.

Tragedies of Kennedys, refugees, AIDS disease,
photos of Hiroshima, the Holocaust, and Kosovo, 
Tim McVeigh, Saddam Hussein, the bombing of the World Trade
hostages in Bosnia, atrocities, South Africa,
abortion and Kevorkian, Vietnam, napalm, 
Lady Di, and Lennon died, a violent crime, Columbine, 
"I have a dream that one day..."Rodney King, O.J., 
symbols of our lives and times, "One giant leap for mankind"
_Adrian Belew/King Crimson

Okay, i'm going to teach the lyrics to this song and 2 others of Belew after we read about Big Ben and people using bath salts as drugs. Because it just seems like things are getting more and more messed up by the day. I guess the citizens of the Roman Empire probably felt the same way when the slipped from a republic into dictatorship.

If nothing else, the USA Today is entertaining and light reading. Feather light. Sometimes i mix their articles in with the NY Times so that all the articles aren't so difficult.

I had a phenomenal weekend, but now it's back to work. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you come August.



GB wins! Hanie played very well for a third string QB. Can anyone beat GB? They didn't play their best today, but they have been awesome all year long. I think the Jets can win it all. If T Rex and the Gang Green get past Pitt.

I want to see Big Ben cry.

it's 15F in Shittsburgh. That -9C. That's cold as a dead man's balls

I hope Big Ben throws 3 INT's and fumbles twice.

Yet, i do admire how he seems to have cleaned up his life. However, he would have been a butt munch not to have changed. Still, good job.

I want to see him cry like an eight year old girl with a skinned knee.

I love football. I love the hitting. I only played pick up football, but i loved hitting people. Getting hit was never as bad as you expected it to be.


Whores in Bikinis. It just jumped into my brain, somehow. MeThinks it could be a song title. Seems like the thing would write itself.

Busy day. A lot of classes. But fun. You try to take a class one way and then it takes another route. Unexpected but still cool. ALL LEARNING IS GROOVY. All Love too.

More than this
-Peter Gabriel

Tired...so tired. Sleep well everyone.


So much work. Brain no working. Word forming...... too difficult. Why i laugh?


Students really dug the Belew lyrics. Much work. Exhausted. Had dinner with Paloma. Post and sleep.

with head down in the pig mire
singing, "Keep on digging"
-Pink Floyd

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