martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Off Season


The song is over
-The Who

11:36 1st Quarter. Soldier Field Chicago 19:17 GMT +1

I only got home to watch from the 11:30. I saw them pull Carlson off with a head injury. Not good.

Now it's 14 - 0. This is getting out of hand quickly. The snow isn't helping either.

Morrah, Carlson's replacement dropped a pass on his first play.

Babs dropped an interception on the SEA 1 yard line.

Ilegal Motion on Martin, Man.

What an ugly quarter of Seahawk football. Give thanks and praises that is over.

STOKLEY 1st down catch! What? Holding on Okung. Son of a whore!

They have to punt. And Hester is waiting. I'm not feeling very good about this game. Olsen is crushing Seattle. Someone please make it stop.

C'mon Jay Cut - Up, throw a pick. Ugh, the fucker just ran one in. 21-0.

Pass interference. A SEA first down!

Lotsa snow.

SEA 0/5 on 3rd down. WR just not catching the ball in the snow.

5:12 2Q Brock sacks Cutler and the ball comes loose but CHI recovers. But then CHI punts to the fucking SEA 1/2 Yard line.

If SEA can go to the half 21-7 i would consider them lucky,

21-0. half

Da Bears get the ball. Three and out. SEA ball.

If they have any trick plays, whip them out this half.

No trick plays. Three and out. Hass was lucky he wasn't just picked off.
Trufant took a knee to the side of the head. Just forfeit the game . Before someone dies.

Yikes. Trufant is still on the field after a commercial break. He's going out on a board like Carlson did. Bad news. Last Saturday was Seattle's day. Today is not. Wow! Not at all.

It will all be over soon.

Washington brings it back 62 Yards. Hass is in the 2 minute Offense.

Interference on CHI. Robinson is down.

28 - 3

Oy! Finally on the Board. Onside kick? Nope. It's still only the 3rd Q?!

Damn. Run Forest Run! And take the game clock with you.

Curry picks a wild cat pass off. Stupid of Mike Martz. I hated him when he was in St. Louis.

Jennings for interference.

I switched to the radio audio instead of Fox. It's in sync exactly.

Mike Williams has been blanketed. Por Fin (finally)! TD Mike Williams. 28 - 10 thought

Onside! How many minutes left. Nice kick off by Mare.

Uuugh. I hope the Jets play better than this. That would suck if that game was a blowout too.

11:20 to play.



They came back a bit. They never quit. All in all, it was a great year. I never i would say that back in DEC!


So, i helped Miguel Angel with his presentation. He has a new position at work (promotion) and he needs to give a presentation in London on Wed. We'll meet for an hour or two on Tuesday. He'll be just fine. But it was complicated IT infrastructure stuff. So i actually really had to use my brain. Something i usually don't use to any great extent. But it was fun. I've been where he's been.But, A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....

Dirty Sanchez! First down.

He always says to me, "My friend, you really enjoy your job."
"I do," I say. That's why i'm here."

Why are we here?
Because we're here
Roll the Bones

Roll the Bones


Ooh. Full week this week. Like 8 hours tomorrow.

Money is helpful. Reading is educational. I am edifying.


LUNES much work.


ugh....up so early to go to dentist

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