sábado, 15 de enero de 2011


Seahawks fans see off the team on Friday

Keys to Seahawks victory

1. Stop Forte and don't let the bears run. They are 11-1 when they rush effectively

2. This means you make Cutler the one who has to beat you. He has no playoff experience. If he melts down and throw picks, this could mean 7 for the Seahawks

3. Get an early lead and make the Bear come from behind. This puts more pressure on Cutler and can lead to mistakes.

4. Keep pressure on Cutler. The 'Hawks sacked him 6 times in their win over CHI this season

Lynch and Forsett need to have a good day so that Hass can throw the ball down the field.

5. It would really be helpful if Tatupu is cleared to play. They are not the same D without him.

Last night i taught at the University and then it was Rob and Ignacio's Bday. It was great fun. Lotsa fun people. It was kind of crazy.I caught the Metro home at 6:00 when it reopened.

Tonight; chill and watch Steelers/Ravens and some of ATL/GB. Come on packers. Seattle wants a home game for the NFC Championship baby!

Tomorrow; teach one student for an hour and a half. Then the game.

It's been was 60F today. The weather has finally been nice after days on end of rain. I never bring an umbrella, but have had to the past few weeks. Primavera (spring) is coming. Hang in there, those of ye in the northeast. I saw a pic of the Sheridan's back porch. CRAZY amounts of snow. Maybe i should think about living somewhere warmer in the USA. Sure.... but then no Lobster fishing!

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