lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Look into the eye of the storm

Did anyone see my last marble
I swear that I had it before
Sometimes I think I should go see a shrink
In case he can find me some more

Looking for flats. Ugh! I'm fairly certain the guy who had the single flat was an Internet scam. He was suppsoed to send me the key thru DHL, but he sent me the email and there was no tracking number. DHL was supposed to hold the money for two days to see if i wanted it and then release it. And the name I was supposed to make the money order out to was just a name. I had no proof it was a DHL agent. The email he sent me had graphics and said DHL, but i never heard from them directly and the email didn't show a forwarding address. Anyone can make graphics (excepting me). The guy had an English name but spoke shitty English. So i sent him an email telling him what i needed and haven't heard back. I'm not sending a deposit of 880 E unless i am sure. I wasn't born today.

So, with the gun in my mouth, back to the drawing board. I am so angry at Chema for doing this to me. I am really thinking of breaking his arm when i leave. At least i know it's something i know how to do. One of his friends, of which he has very few, told me he knew he was leaving. Plus i found paperwork proving it. He's not only a dirty scumbag, but he's stupid. I didn't think there could be a worse year than 2006/2007, but things can always get worse, i guess.

But i will figure something out. Some way. Some how. At least I am feeling better.

I know when it rains it pours, but you're in the middle of a hurricane

Well, someday i'll be dead and then i won't have to worry about a thing! Until then, i'll just carry on. Schemers, liers, heartless folk. It just wears on you after a while.

Okay- going to look at a single today. More E's than i had hoped, but can't hurt to look. Can it?

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