sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009

An insult to stupid people

Can i play with madness? -Iron Maiden

So i have decided to stay in this flat and look for a roommate. Jihad girl (Chema's dim witted girlfriend) put a cutting board that i had cut raw chicken on away without washing it
I was still barbecuing it and hadn't had a chance to wash it. Then she used a dirty stinking towel to wipe it and the stove off with. I told her not to do that. She said "you're so clean!" I told her chicken was dangerous and that she was stupid. She just walked away without saying another thing. Just two more weeks. I don't know if they will survive that long.

Two sisters called to ask if they could live here. It's not big enough and she said their mother wanted to see it. Are you kidding me! Then she said they wanted to move in Monday! I said goodbye and hung up.

Where are all the normal people? To call Chema and Jihad Girl stupoid would be insulting to stupid people. Hmmm...they will probably take a siesta soon, even though all they did was cook and watch TV. And sleep til 14:00. Think it's time to clean the house to ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE. It's impossible to sleep to live Rush cerca 1976. "El Dude, ...super genius." But seriously, i'm Dr. Stephen Hawken compared to these 2.

Shut up brain or i'll stab you with a Q-Tip!
-Homer Simpson


Genesis - Live in Zurch '77
Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii (That pissed them off i'm sure!)
Rush - All the World's a Stage
Pink Floyd - BBC Archives '70-'71


It worked. They left during In The End. Victory is mine!!!

Now I go to rub peeled onion on his pillow case. Adios Eyeballs!

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