domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Reap what you Sow

And the meek shall inherit the earth
-Rush (and possibly the New Testament)

Time goes by. I guess it's better than being stuck in the same moment until your ass falls asleep.

I am tired. Looking forward to some stability. It'll come - sometime in the next few weeks.
Spain went standard time last night - I had no idea (i'm used to Halloween like in the US) but luckily my Mac told me the right time. I was like, "'s 11:30." And then i figured it out.

So much for the theory of my "Big Brain."

Life's a bitch.

But it's life. And that's always good.

When things are tuff i think of Annie. And Colin. And Kate. Because, kids are not only incredible, they are our future. And they carry the things we teach them thru their lives. When i see Annie make a face sometimes - I can utterly remember the same face on Sue. That's a very significant thing.

We are what we are. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes our lives go thru rough patches (See: El Dude, 2009). But, mostly, we come out the other end and get thru it.

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