domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

The Waiting Game

I am putting advertisements for the flat on the web everyday to keep them at the tops of the listings. It's annoying. Now i just wait for someone to call.

Now we play a little thing we call 'the waiting game.' (2 seconds later) Aw, the waiting game sucks! Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!
-Homer Simpson

73 and sunny. The weather has been fantastic. Winter will get here sooner or later though, i'm sure.


The Giants are getting dismantled by the Saints. The Vikes and the Ravens are playing in an all-purple competition. The game tonight for the Seahawks vs. Arizona is huge. They already have a division loss to SF. Another one to the Cardinals would be bad.


I went for an English 'Fry Up' at Triskell's with Pete. It was full of heart stopping goodness; eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, beans, toast and English Premiership football. It was lovely. For 6E, i should do it every Domingo.

What an ass kicking. I did not thinks New Orleans were that good. I though they were over-hyped. But the Giants played a lot of bad teams of recent.


Asses of fire! Arizona just took the kickoff 80 yards in 8 minutes. Joder! They looked great. But i hear the problem is their defense. All will be revealed. But they pass and pass and pass some more.

People have been telling me i look like i lost some weight. "Yeah, it's this new fad diet, called a nasal infection." It doesn't matter either way, because i lost about 10 pounds after the incidents of May. But i feel good.

The Cardinals just recovered an onside kick. Fucking hell!

This game is going bad quickly. Death and destruction.

14-0. This kind of seems like the exact opposite of last week, that 41-0 shellacking of Jacksonville.

The Bud Light commercials are moronic. "Tailgate tested, Tailgate Approved!" If Bud Light has to teach you how to party, you probably shouldn't drink alcohol. And "drinkability." What does that mean? It's a beverage. What are you going to do,make a soup with it? Even if you use one to cook (i have), it's only one. I figure a person would drink the other 5.

Hawks in a bit of a hurry-up offense. Hasselbeck is sacked and he fumbles. Arizona recovers. Seattle has had 3 plays in the 1st quarter.

I liked last week better.

Kurt Warner is 11 for 11.

I love Sundays. I like feeling healthy!

They sacked Warner, but it's now 17-0. Ouchy ouchy.

17-3. Miserable first half.

Miserable 2nd half. Good night everybody!

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