domingo, 11 de octubre de 2009


I lay here in this hole
Playing poker with my soul
-Big Country

And the flat comes apart Playlist:
  • Oakland '77 live (Animals set) - Pink Floyd
  • Housewives Hooked on Heroine - No-Man
  • Insurgentes - Steven Wilson
  • Alone With a Storm (live '72) - Genesis
Saw Italy draw with Ireland last night with my friend Bryan (Irish). Ireland is going to have to win a home and home play-off with another 2nd place group winner to get into the World Cup. Italy qualified last night. So did the USA with a huge win in Honduras. Spain is already in. So if Ireland gets in, those are the 4 teams i root for.

The Drawers of Death are clean. No small victory. And the laundry washing continues. Unfortunately we don't get as much sun now, so stuff dries slower on the line. I have too many clothes. How in the hell did i accumulate so much stuff?Probably because i am a good American consumer. And consume i do!

Chema just got in. He was out most of the day. A miracle! The temptation to push him off the terrace is almost impossible to resist.


The Cowboys are AWFUL. They are losing to KC! The real crime is that I have Tony Romo in my fantasy league. I picked up Hasselbeck off waivers this week. The Giants look like they are in complete control of the NFC East. They haven't play many good teams, but you can only play who's on the schedule.


The Seahawks are dismantling Jacksonville. Hasselbeck looks great. I I am getting better, but still very tired. After the game i shall sleep and sleep and sleep.

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