jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

forward motion

Some of you are going to die
Martyrs, of course
For the freedom i shall provide

Someone's coming to see the flat manana. Hasn't been a whole lot of calls. We'll see what happens. I just keep moving forward. Stay positive. Deep breathes. BREATHE.

Work is fine.

Chema sucks. Can't wait for him to be gone.

It's a lot cooler the last few days. And rainy. What the hell is rain? It hasn't rained here since April.

Sometimes people ask me if i'm going crazy. The answer is that i lost my mind a few years ago, November 22, 2006. The day before Thanksgiving. I was in Los Angeles. I fucking hate LA. That was the day i found out i might be Annie's father. That was a rough five months that followed.

SO this room mate thing - it'll all work out. Or it won't. Either way - i'll survive.

Atletico got crushed by Chelsea last night. They'll never get out of the group phase. They haven't scored a single goal in 3 games!

And the Seahawks? Well, you know you're frakked when you look to a bye week with relief!

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