martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Flats of the Damned

The open road is infinitely hopeful
Take all those memories and throw them in the fire

Now i am fumigating myself with expectorants. I feel terrible. No energy at all. Cleaning the house so i can put pics on the web. I need to decide by next Jueves to stay or go. I hope this Amoxicillin starts kicking in quick, because this nasal thing has kicked my ass. I am normally high energy. So to have none and start work is really pissing me off.

And of course i have spent the last 2 days searching for buildings. The Spanish are very bad with directions. The street i was looking for today wasn't even on Mappy, the best European map website. It took directions from four people and twenty minutes to find MoneyGram today. I am also teaching at Liberty Securities. Next week I start at Merck. Oh,and I have morning classes at THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. Hard to believe but i'm totally serious. It's the Spanish Council of scientific research. That's right.I work for Dr. Zaius.

Dead, Dead, Dead, someday you'll be dead
Dead, Dead, Dead, someday we'll all be dead.
-Juan Schwartz and the South Park Children's Christmas Choir

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