sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

From Lost to the River

not even housewives hooked on heroin
could understand the awful mess I'm in.
I don't know where my real life begins,
but I'm sure that I'll be there.

Everything is surreal. I still have crap in my chest, but it's very loose.

Band practice was great last night. Tamara's voice is awesome. And i really like the new guitarist, Steve. And he can play! We are really focusing on new material now. One set of my lyrics,
Degrees of Freedom, is turning into a sweet number.

And we now have a name - From Lost to the River.It's translated from a Spanish phrase, and they say it when you are in a no-win situation, like between a rock and a hard place. I suggested it a while back and we agreed on it last night. Finally!

Time to really start dismantling my room now. Maybe i will get the keys to my hopeful new flat on Martes (Tues.)

I saw Lee from the old band to give him his guitar tuner, which i was using as a metronome when we were doing one of Juan's crazy Edge-like riffs with the digital delay. He said, "We were talking that maybe you can guys can do some gig's with us," which was unexpected and i'm not really into, i don't think."

"Thanks," I said, "We'll see."

"Yeah," he said, "We can share equipment."

And that's when i sussed what he was on to. "Does Will have a drum kit," i asked.

"Only electronic, which the rest of us are not really into."

And there you have it. The only reason they want to play with us. I've never met such a bunch of users and takers in my life. Slime balls. I really think the only reason he came to the hospital so much was to see if i would be able to play again. He actually told me he had asked the doctor and the doc said i'd never play again.

Wrong! Thankfully. (See; Rock and Roll Rage 10, Smithfest '09, From Lost to the River)

As for playing with them, I'd rather watch a Thompson Twins show than listen to those guys play. The door has shut behind me and i have no regrets. No, i'm taking my drum kit and going home.

Maybe we'll play with them once, just to blow them away and have them have to follow us!

Time to make a sandwich and clean out the night table, aka. The Drawers of the Damned!

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