lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009


People! We're going back to work!
-Homer Simpson

Well, I got an antibiotic today at the farmacia. You're supposed to have prescription but when i told her that i had "Mucosa amarilla (yellow snot)" and she went "ugh!" and said she'd give it to me as long as i didn't tell anyone. Like who would i tell? So she saved me from waiting in the clinic. It's nice to have a pharmacy where they all know me.

I forgot what a toll a nasal infection takes on you. All i have been doing is sleeping and drinking water by the liter. I'm drier than bone.

Work started today. Of course i was sick. And i have to deal with getting a new roommate or moving. After three months of not working, everything hits at once. Welcome to my life. Booh Yeah!

But this, like everything, shall pass.

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