viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009


Roger Dean - Skeleton

The new band is staring to gel. The originals we are working on are very progressive. I feel like i am finally home with this new band. The new guitarist is working out very well. He's like my age from San Fran. Steve and i talked for a while after practice, having drinks and just comparing notes. He really likes our experimental bent. We hope to be gigging by Nov/Dec.

I'm just happy to be in a band who doesn't poop their pants when i play something besides 4/4!

My room mates poisoning is going well. He's down to slimming 285 pounds. Oh arsenic, do the wonders ever cease?

I saw Juan from the old band last night at a party at a bar. He didn't say anything more than "Hola." I'm really glad to have moved on. Those guys suck. I tried to keep it friendly.

Some elephants, like people, are just jerks
-The Simpsons

New songs we're working on that i penned;

Let it go
Pefectly something
Kentucky Fried Panda

To add to my already long list of woes, i am sick. I'll try and get some amoxicillin tomorrow. I am pretty sure it's a nasal infection. Just in time for work, starting tomorrow. Fucking hell!

When your snot is yellow
you're an unlucky fellow
takes some drugs!!!!
-El Dude

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