jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Gravity Eyelids

October 7

Tired. Can't stop sleeping. Starting to turn the corner and feel a wee bit better. A little improvement today. But it was a long day. I will fall asleep now listening to the Yankees. I guess Bon Jovi is the official playoff music this year. Budd Slugg, the commissioner, should be ashamed. TNT sucks. So does Chip Carey. He's an annoying little dweeb.

The Yankees are going to win the World Series. I will say Yankees over the Dodgers. Joe Girardi vs. Joe Torre. That would be sweet.

Everything else is..... chaotic.

Give me a smile please
Count the calm and watch my breathing slow
Winding me up tease
Get inside my head and make it show
Gravity eyelids come down
-Porcupine Tree

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