viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


(left) The new Statue of Liberty stamp that the US Post Office is releasing. But after they began printing, they realized it was from the replica at New York, New York in Las Vegas. Morons! I could have told you that with one look.

Whatever happened to all this season's
Losers of the year?
Every time I got to thinking
Here'd they disappear?
But when I woke up, Mom and Dad
Are rolling on the couch
Rolling numbers, rock and rollin'
Got my KISS records out

Your Mommy's all right
Your Daddy's all right
They just seem a little weird
But don't give yourself away
-Cheap Trick

Has everyone and everything lost their/its mind?

The Republicans want to cut Planned Parenthood, which would cause MORE abortions. NO federal money goes towards paying for abortions. But family planning and birth control are important.

First of all, 6.8 billion people may well be too many already. Cornell University professor David Pimentel's research shows that about 2 billion people is the number the planet can sustainably support, if everyone consumes the same amount of resources as the average European (which is less than the average American). Secondly, U.N. experts predict that world population will increase for at least the next 50 years, with a "most likely" prediction of 9 billion people by the year 2050. There probably will be additional growth beyond that. -

And i have one more point to make; ROWE vs. WADE 1973! The Supreme Court decided abortion was legal. Live with it.

The problem with politicians is politics. A politician's only concern is to win the next election. We need our politicians to think much more long term than that.

Good news? Annie still loves me. And the Caps have a two game lead against the NY Rangers. This is the year the Caps get back to the Cup Final. I don't know if they can beat Vancouver if they are still standing (and expect them to be). But this is a much more defensive team, built for the playoffs and peaking at the right time.

We just got shut down because Connecticut's being a douche bag! They won't give us a tax break unless the movie promotes tourism.

-Jenna, 30 Rock

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